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 Prepare for an awesome time at BRICKLIVE 2017 – Mostra D’oltremare, Naples! Have more questions?
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  • What are the opening times for BRICKLIVE - Mostra D'oltremare, Naples?

    The opening times for BRICKLIVE – Mostra D’oltremare, Naples are:

    09:30am-6pm VIPs
    10:30am-6pm General Access
    09:30am-5pm VIPs
    10:30am-5pm General Access

  • Travel Directions to BRICKLIVE - Mostra D'oltremare, Naples

    Information to come!

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  • Parking directions to BRICKLIVE

    To make parking easy and convenient, The NEC offers a range of options!

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  • Essential Information for BRICKLIVE Naples

    Play Safe at BRICKLIVE
    We want your visit to BRICKLIVE to be creative, fun, and most of all safe! To ensure a safe environment, the organisers ask you to follow a few basic rules:

    – Children should stay with their parent/guardian at all times
    – Always walk, do not run: Be respectful of all other visitors.
    – Ensure that both you and your children know where the Information & Meeting Point is located.

    Bag Checks
    All bags may be checked upon entrance and exit to BRICKLIVE. Guests should be prepared to open their bags for inspection and may be asked by security staff to shift and possibly remove the contents. The following items are not allowed inside the event:

    – Alcoholic beverages and illegal substances, weapons, or any item deemed inappropriate to a family event.
    – Your own LEGO® Structures
    – Live Animals (does not include guide dogs)

    First Aid
    A trained medical professional will be on-site throughout show hours.

    Safety First
    To ensure everyone’s safety, BRICKLIVE uses CCTV cameras throughout the venue – as well as uniformed and plain clothes security staff. All staff, volunteers and exhibitors are trained to report anything suspicious immediately.

    We do not allow allow unaccompanied children in or out of the venue on their own.

    We will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour from anyone, and anyone causing a disturbance, if necessary, will be asked to leave.

    Every effort is made to ensure the safety of all attendees while visiting BRICKLIVE. In the unlikely event that you are separated from your parent or child while at the show, please follow these quick and easy steps:

    1. Stay Calm! Unaccompanied children are not permitted to leave the venue.

    2. Make your way to the Box Office at the entrance.

    3. Give the staff member at the Information & Meeting Point a description of the missing person, what they are wearing, and where he or she was last seen. Safety tip: Take a head-to-toe picture of your loved one(s) with your digital camera or phone as soon as you arrive at BRICKLIVE so we may more easily identify him/her in the outfit they are wearing.

    4. Our staff will search the venue for your children. Remain with the staff member at the Information & Meeting Point until we reunite you with your loved one!

    In addition (for kids too young to remember their parents’/guardians’ mobile phone number), before coming to BRICKLIVE NEC, write YOUR name (not your child’s name) and mobile phone number on a piece of paper and place it in your child’s pocket (or in their shoe if they don’t have pockets), or write in biro carefully on your child’s wrist.

    Please make sure both you and your child knows the location of the Box Office at the entrance, so if you do become parted, you both know where to go. The show is a very large area and the venue can be disorientating to young people.

    There will be official press and media photographers at BRICKLIVE. If you do not wish to be photographed, please contact the organisers.

  • Whats on at BRICKLIVE Naples?

    Check out the BRICKLIVE Naples Whats on page




BRICKLIVE is the UK’s biggest celebration of LEGO®.

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